February 22, 2010

First Art Show

Here is the little poster for the art exhibit I'm having in March. I am frantically finishing up all of my pieces this week. I can't wait to see it up and together in the space when it's all done! Find out more at http://isgallery.blogspot.com/. Hope you'll come check it out!

February 3, 2010

Taking Action

My friend Bobbie and I have been working on putting together a craft show fundraiser in conjuction with the Red Cross to raise money for the Haiti Earthquake Relief Effort. I wanted to do this because I feel so lucky to be living in a safe, first world country right now. The stories and struggles I see and hear (mostly hearing on CBC radio) are so heartbreaking. People there need the help of more fortunate communities... SUCH AS CENTRAL ALBERTA!

I find it hard to be a social activist in this place I'm currently living. People move here to make money and work oilfield jobs. Why I'm here is still remaining in question. Let's just say I travel A LOT. I'm glad the show has come together to link a local and global perspective, and we can only hope for success! Each vendor will be donating a portion of sales to the relief effort and hopefully I can drum up some good door prizes from local businesses! All in all, I'm looking forward to working with some amazing people and organizations.