November 11, 2010

Festive Wallets!

I've been neglecting the blog, since I've taken a teaching position at Olds College in their Fashion Design Program. It's truley been a rewarding and interesting experience. I love my students and it's so exciting to help them prepare themselves to be on the way to exciting career choices. Most of all, I love seeing their creativity flourish and being able to help them bring their creations to life.
I have got back into the studio and am working on some little winter themed wallets.

These are just in time for Christmas if you're looking for a little gift to put in someone's stocking or maybe just to tell a co-worker or friend that you think they're special. They're padded and great for ipods (which is waht I use mine for)! I've have fun making little miniature screenprints on each one.

I'm planning on working on a lot of new prints this weekend, so watch for more soon!

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