November 17, 2010

A new kind of trade!

I LOVE trading things. Anything really. Services, sewing, baking, food... it's so much more satisfying than using money. My favorite trades in the past have been a homemage lasagne I made for getting my computer fixed and hemming pants for home-brewed beer. I've got to trade a lot of great stuff at craft markets over the years which is always wonderful. There have been many others, but today I have a new one!Jen - the creative writer and blogger behind a popular blog called Haute Whimsy approached me with a trade offer; 1 month of advertising on her site for a T-shirt of mine. I'm very excited to be a part of what she does to support small, artistic businesses like my own. Thank you Jen! Check out her blog at

In other news I'm getting my tattoo colored today!!! I'm really excited for this! The photo is of what it looks like now, without color, but I'll be sure to post the after shot soon.


Jen said...

Thanks again for the wonderful trade! How did your tattoo turn out? I love the outline in the photo!

brad said...

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